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RhinoHyd is an affordable Rhinoceros plug-in module that computes ship intact statical stability and hydrostatic properties with animated results.  The module is integrated fully within the Rhino environment to provide a seamless interface to hydrostatic analysis functions through a main user interface dialog.


RhinoHyd's main analysis functions include:

Statical Stability Analysis

The user selects the ship and a range of heel angles to be analyzed.  Results are plotted and displayed as graphs to show the following:
  • Righting arm.
  • Righting moment.
  • Area under righting curve.
  • A user defined heel curve.
  • Area under user defined heel curve.
  • Difference between area under righting and heel curves.
  • Trim.
  • Points of interest.

Curves of Form Analysis

The user selects the ship and a range of drafts to analyze.  Results are plotted and displayed as graphs to show the following:
  • Displacement.
  • Waterline length.
  • Longitudinal center of force.
  • Longitudinal metacentric height.
  • Transverse metacentric height.
  • Vertical center of buoyancy.
  • Wetted surface area.
  • Waterplane area.
  • Midship area.
  • Block coefficient.
  • Prismatic coefficient.
  • Waterplane coefficient.
  • Midship coefficient.
  • Vertical prismatic coefficient.
  • Immersion.
  • Moment to change trim.

Cross Curves of Stability Analysis

The cross curves analysis will plot the heeling arm at up to 10 heeling angles and drafts.

Equilibrium Analysis

Static equilibrium balance of ship hull from user input options of draft, displacement, trim, LCG, heel, and TCG.

Sectional Area Curve Analysis

Sections are generated directly from the Rhino surface and the area plotted in a graph.  The curve can be plotted in a seperate graphing window or directly in the Rhino model document.  Sections may also be displayed and highlited as the animation slider is moved.

Offset Table

A tool to aid in the creation of offset tables.


After a stability analysis has been performed, the ship, graphs, and points of interest may be animated with a slider control on the main dialog.  The ship is animated as a mesh, shaded mesh or surface in Rhino's display pipeline.  As the slider is moved, the ship will translate to the calculated draft and rotate about the center of gravity to the calculated trim and heel angles.  Simultaneously, graphs may be displayed with pointers that move as the ship does.  At any point during the animation the user may press a button on the main dialog to launch Rhino's hydrostatic analysis function and the results will be displayed for the current orientation.  This can serve as a spot check for the accuracy of RhinoHyd by comparing it with Rhino's calculations.


Model Preparation

The ship to be analyzed is picked directly from the Rhino screen.  It can be a monohull or multihull but it must be one surface or one polysurface.  The hull may also include such features as through-hull bow thrusters.  After the ship has been selected, it will automatically be meshed with a set of default parameters using Rhino's mesher.  The user may examine the mesh and change it if needed by launching a separate editing dialog.  As the mesh parameters are changed, the resulting mesh is displayed in real-time on Rhino's screen  

RhinoHyd 5.4

RhinoHyd is an easy to learn and use
plug-in module.  Ship analysis is quickly performed with results plotted in graphs that may be copied to the clipboard.  The raw data results may also be copied and pasted directly into a spreadsheet for further analysis.   RhinoScript programmers may also program their own analysis by using the exposed RhinoHyd stability and curves of form functions. 
For more information regarding product features and operation, download the user's manual or demonstration program from the downloads page. 

RhinoHyd release 5.4 adds equilibrium analysis, offset table creation, and a significant speed increase in stability calculations.  


RhinoHyd 5.4 :   $249.95


Current user upgrade to RhinoHyd 5.4 :   

This is a 64 bit plug-in which works only with 64 bit Rhinoceros 5.


Screen Shots

Screen capture taken after a stability analysis was performed on a sailboat showing the main dialog along with stability, trim, and points of interest graphs.


Curves of form graph.


Cross curves graph.


Sectional Area Curve.


Equilibrium Plot.


Offset Table.

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