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  • RhinoHyd Manual
          This is the user's manual for the Rhinohyd plug-in module version 5.1.    March, 2014

  • RhinoHyd Demo
Free trial version of RhinoHyd 5.1.  (64 bit)

  • Damping Plug-in
This is a simple plug-in that will calculate Ikeda roll damping.  When loaded into Rhino, a menu item will be added at the top of the screen to launch a dialog that allows the user to input all of the data needed for calculation.  The source code for Ikeda's method has been translated from the original Fortran code provided by Osaka Prefecture University.

  • Damping Source Code
          This is the C++ source code file for the Ikeda roll damping function mentioned above.  This code is just the function without the user interface.

  • MichletInput Plug-in       Beta version July, 2014

This plug-in automates the creation of Michlet inpute files. Michlet is a computer workbench offered by Cyberaid  that can be used for investigations into some aspects of ship hydrodynamics.  Michlet can be used for preliminary design work such as estimating the resistance, wave elevation patterns and bottom pressure  signatures of monohulls, multihulls and submarines. The MichletInput plugin lets you create hulls by creating offset points or by mathematical hull series. It also automates the input of all the required analysis variables.


RhinoHyd Manual
RhinoHyd Demo (64 bit)
Damping Plug-in (32 bit)
Damping Plug-in (64 bit)
Damping Source Code
MichletInput (64 bit)